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Giant-Cell Tumor of the Bone

What is Giant-cell Tumor of the Bone

Giant-cell Tumor is a rare condition whose symptoms include the presence of unusually large benign cancer cells with multiple nuclei in the affected bones. The disease is more common in Asia and particularly in China where it accounts for a much higher percentage of bone diseases than in the US and Europe. Giant-cell tumor of the bone is also more likely to affect people approaching middle age and is somewhat more common in women.

Symptoms of giant-cell tumor of the bone

  • include pain in the affected area
  • restricted ability to move the bone due to the closeness of the tumor to the joint
  • external bumps may be seen if the disease has progressed for a while – in certain cases giant-cell tumor of the bone remains undetected until the patient experiences a fracture at the affected site. In this case the disease will become apparent due to the fact that normal healing does not occur, as the tumors prevent recovery.


Giant-cell tumor of the bone may be viewed with x-ray imaging, radiology, MRI and CT scans.

However, precise diagnosis is usually only achieved via biopsy, in which case the physician will be searching for the signature multiple nuclei of the tumor.


In rare cases, giant-cell tumor of the bone may become malignant, in which case they tend to result in lung cancer.

There have not been many modern options developed in the treatment of giant-cell tumor of the bone, and doctors continue to favor surgery as the foremost option. In some cases patients may be deemed unacceptable candidates for surgery, such as those that have experienced complicated fractures. Giant-cell tumors are often treated, in this case, by radiation.

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Test Your Knowledge

How Many Bones in the Human Body?

An adult has a total of 206 bones in their skeleton

How many Bones in a Child's Body?

A newborn baby has 270 bones in the skeletal system. Most of their skeleton is made up of cartilage which forms bone as it hardens over time. The bones in a child's skeleton fuse together as they grow, reducing the number, up until about 25 years old.

What is The Strongest Bone in the Human Body?

The femur or thigh bone is the strongest bone in the body. It is situated between the pelvis and the knee. It is also the longest bone in the body and is fully one quarter of your bodies' height.

What is the Weakest Bone in The Body?

The weakest bones in your body are the tiny bones inside your ear that enable you to hear. On the other hand; the most commonly fractured bone is the clavicle.

What is the Hardest Bone in the Body?

The hardest bone in the body is the petrous portion of the temporal bone. The temporal bones are found at the sides and base of the skull and the petrous portion is specifically the part at the base of the skull that contains the organs for hearing.

Where are the Smallest bones in Your Body Located?

The smallest bone in the body is called the stapes. It is a stirrup shaped bone found inside the ear drum that transmits vibrations enabling us to hear.

How many Bones are in the Leg?

A human leg contains 30 bones. There are 26 bones that make up the foot, and the four major bones of the leg, which are the thigh bone (femur), the shin bone (tibia), the calf bone (fibula) and the knee cap (patella)